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The video was originally published on Michael Shainblun’s channel [Click to view:], under the title: “Liberty – New York City Timelapse 4K” and with the following description: <“Liberty – New York City Timelapse 4K” I vividly remember my first experience of New York City as a kid, before I became a photographer. The shear sense of scale, the incredible architecture and just the over all feeling I got walking around the city. That experience became one of the reasons I got into photography. Ever since then, it has been my dream to recreate that feeling into a short timelapse film. From the sensory overload of standing on a busy New York street corner. To the tranquility of standing on a skyscraper, like being on top of the world. This is a dedication to my favorite city in the world. “Liberty” Is a visual journey through New York City captured through timelapse and hyperlapse photography. The video consists of about 15,000 still photographs captured from 2016-2018. You can check out more images from the collection here:… By Michael Shainblum Soundtrack: James Everingham – What Once Was>.

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